Sunday, 1 January 2017

Salty Suite

Our Shed Makeover

 My husband Andy spotted his best mate Josh's cool tool shed & decided he would like a similar one.

 The shed was originally going to contain all of Andy's tools, the mower, bikes & other odds & ends. 

When it was at planning stage I already had thoughts that we could do more with it so we added a toilet & back door. When it was built I fell in love & decided it would be better suited to becoming a retreat for our family & our guests so the tools etc would need to be re homed. Andy is a visionary & took no convincing that adding liveable space is always a great idea.

We named it the Salty Suite paying homage to the north facing point break called Saltwater Point in our small coastal home town or Salty as the locals call it. Salty Point is just up the road from our home & is Andy's favourite place on the planet to surf & unwind, it seemed like the perfect name for our little retreat. 

Salty Suite as it stood had external walls & an external paint job but internally it only had a cement slab, roof, toilet & walls begging to be insulated, lined & painted in to life. 

We added a hardwood timber deck between the shed & pool which gave us another zone to hang out in. We simply throw up the big roller door & the pool is fully visible from the shed. We underestimated how awesome this would be & how much we would use it. Its brilliant & i often lay on the bed in The Salty Suite with a cool drink or cuppa to supervise the kids in the pool.

What we ended up with instead of a tool shed is a light, bright, airy & beachy space with a pure palette that totally relaxes everyone who enters. Salty Suite really stands up to the sand, salt, dogs & kids too. 

Got a shed you could convert? Twist your other halfs arm & stash the tools elsewhere. You wont regret it! 

Salty Suite painted in Taubmans Pebble Bay half & trimmed in Taubmans Akimbo.

By painting the walls a clean crisp white & knocking the top off the ugly cement slab to reveal pale grey matte aggregate we created a beautiful calm space that we don't ever want to leave. Walls Taubmans Akimbo. On bed Tulum Original Roundie towel by The Beach People.  

We still need to add art to walls but its so much better than a shed don't you think?

A few faves:
Here are my absolute favourite purchases we made for breathing life into the Salty Suite. These things add luxury & are also practical & well made.

For our deck we chose the Natural Instinct Beach Umbrella from Sunday Supply Co & it is so amazing. The quality is second to none & it adds shade, texture & style.

The Tulum original roundie from The Beach People is stunning. We throw it over the bed as a blanket & use it after a dip in the pool. It is so thick soft & cuddly & the print is gorgeous.

Kimbra Round Rug from Fantastic Furniture is affordable, large & adds beautiful subtle shades of blonde & texture to the concrete floor.  

Think of different ways to use your space!

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