Sunday, 1 January 2017


Platters that turn heads

Ive become obsessed with making my cheese & fruit platters pretty,  rustic & able to feed many.

Oh the joy I get watching peoples eyes light up when they see these hit the table. 

Below is our NYE platter & it easily fed 4 kids & 4 adults & took me  about ten minutes to throw together. 

My plate was about 40cm wide & round but you can use anything that is food safe, think timber boards, bowls or even entire table tops for large crowds. 

Add anything you think works. I love edible flowers & will be experimenting with them soon.

Tips & tricks for a platter with tude:

Use interesting boards & bowls, think rustic & natural.

Decant your dips into a pretty bowl. No store bought packaging unless its super cool & worth showing off.

Fill it up! Don't leave any space. 

Fill gaps with baby spinach or rocket leaves.

Colour adds interest. Coloured dips, fruit & vege do the job.

Make sure you have great cheese knives to make cutting & eating easy.  

French bread boards make beautiful platter boards

eat up, drink up & enjoy!

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