Sunday, 1 January 2017

Photoshoots At Home

Capturing The True Spirit of My Kids At Home on my iphone

It would be great to have a regular photo shoot with an ace photographer but its not always possible or affordable so Ive started grabbing my kids for a regular photo shoot at home.

 I love photographing my kids, they are growing up way too fast & I look back often & notice the big & small changes in them. 

When photographing them I keep it low key & I move fast. No primping or preening. Usually i jump up & announce it 5 minutes before we get started. 

They usually wear whatever they have on as long as its clean & fairly subtle, I wipe their faces tussle their hair & go to work. The less fuss I make the better the images we create.

My trusty iphone 6 is so good & has turned out some of my favourite images of wonderful moments.

e s k i m o  .  k i s s e s

s i s t e r  .  a c t

Tips & Hints:

Let the kids get involved & throw in some of their own ideas.

Make them laugh & relax.

Take lots of frames from all different angles.

Move fast, the mood may not last.

Keep it natural & not too posed.

Use a white wall or other plain background. It helps simplify the whole process & looks awesome.

You can zoom in & crop your images later. I did with Eskimo Kisses above & its my favourite picture ever. 

 Always study your shots & think outside the square. You can lighten & darken your images after the shoot. Let your imagination guide you.

In both images above the kids just jumped in wearing the clothes they had been in all day. Keep clothing fairly light in colour & simple fabrics & patterns. A white tshirt & plain bottom is always great.

Get creating. 
You will make beautiful memories!