Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Who's & What Is Inspiring You? This Is My Latest Obsession In Decor

  It can be a song, smell, the way a plant moves in the wind & casts its beautiful shadow across the ground. Its the way the sun shines through the trees. Maybe its how the light flickers onto the ceiling through a crack in the window or the latest post by a fave blogger or Instagram account.

People travel & bring a little or a lot of what they have seen home & re create it in their space, share it with the world via socials & start a new movement in decor. 

 So many things inspire thoughts, ideas & plans in my head that play out in some way in my home & life.

Today I thought I would share my most recent inspiration. A beautiful boutique hotel I hope to visit some day. I have a feeling beautiful San G M is a source of inspo for many of my fave decor aficionados & travellers. Im sure you will agree.

Introducing San G M <3

This reminds me of Mez Club Byron another fave space of mine.

White & natural tones are a decor delight. Could you go wrong with this colour & texture combo? I don't think so! Ive seen 3 Birds Renovations use these timber white washed doors & the addition of a hanging chair for that laid back feel works everywhere. 

Wicker chairs & pendants, textured & toned rugs all on white floors framed by white walls. This white on white is a hit & popping up everywhere.

Hammock with textured tassel edge is a huge tick from me

We've seen macrame wall hangings hung off natural branch timber. 
San G M does it with beads & its very nice don't you think?
Hats as wall art..Im a fan

Perfect towel, ladder & walls.

Thanks to gorgeous San Giorgio Mykonos for these pics & the pulse of inspiration into our worlds. A visit to see this all in person some day soon.

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