Saturday, 15 April 2017

Decorating With Plants

Greenery Inside Works Wonders

We had a very dull, empty entrance to our new home & because we couldn't decide what we want to do to decorate it we were looking for a cheap quick fix! 

What could we do that was not a permanent & was not really expensive but also packed a punch.....greenery!

We've also styled some other green pockets into other parts of our home & had some fun doing it! 

Green chandeliers, some palms in pots & on our bedding to add green pops! 

I love greenery & it adds some life to a space & is an easy way to change your space.

The front entrance our urban jungle

Palms on the bed & in pots <3

Lu helping with the moving of the Monstera
Tyler finishing off the green chandelier

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